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Description of FIVE BIRDS

Made in Spain

  • Material: lacquered steel
  • Color: light grey, red, dark blue and olive green
  • Dimensions: 
    Light grey bird: 23 cm (length) x 8 cm (width) x 23 (heigth) x Ø 5 cm (base diameter) 
    Olive green bird 1: 15,5 cm (length) x 5,5 cm (width) x 15,5 cm (height) x Ø 5 cm (base diameter)  
    Red bird: 17,5 cm (length) x 5,5 cm (width) x 17,5 cm (height) x Ø 5 cm (base diameter)  
    Olive green bird 2: 21,5 cm (length) x 8 cm (width) x 21,5 (heigth) x Ø 5 cm (base diameter)
    Blue pink: 12,5 cm (length) x 8 cm (width) x 12,5 cm (height) x Ø 5 cm (base diameter) 
  • Set of 5 birds.
  • Assembly is required
  • Instructions PDF Download
  • Care: wipe with a dry cloth

Attention is not a toy

National delivery: estimated time (7-12 business days)
International delivery: estimated time (15-30 business days)

Fabricado en España

  • Material: acero lacado
  • Color: gris claro, rojo, azul oscuro y verde oliva
  • Dimensiones: 
    Pájaro gris: 23 cm (largo) x 8 cm (ancho) x 23 (alto) x Ø 5 cm (diámetro de la base) 
    Pájaro verde oliva 1: 15,5 cm (largo) x 5,5 cm (ancho) x 15,5 cm (alto) x Ø 5 cm (diámetro de la base)  
    Pájaro rojo: 17,5 cm (largo) x 5,5 cm (ancho) x 17,5 cm (alto) x Ø 5 cm (diámetro de la base)  
    Pájaro verde oliva 2: 21,5 cm (largo) x 8 cm (ancho) x 21,5 (alto) x Ø 5 cm (diámetro de la base)
    Pájaro azul: 12,5 cm (largo) x 8 cm (ancho) x 12,5 cm (alto) x Ø 5 cm (diámetro de la base) 
  • Set de 5 pájaros.
  • Se requiere montaje
  • Instrucciones Descarga PDF
  • Cuidados: limpie con un paño seco

Atención no es un juguete

Envío nacional: entrega estimada (7-12 días laborables)
Envío internacional: entrega estimada (15-30 días laborables)



Made Studio


We believe in coherent, global products which humanise the space they inhabit, turning the everyday into special, making life simpler for users. Design has a social character sadly too often eclipsed by fashion and style. We reject this vision, understanding that good design is not an added value, if not, just the opposite; design should be an intrinsic value of the product. That’s why we shy away from superfluous finishings, embracing the expressive capacities of each material to build a global discourse that responds to a sincere conception of the product. Only in this way shall we manage to make this world a little better, friendlier, respectful and sustainable.