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Memories objects

Our memory hides all the references that once left a great mark on us. Objects and events that have had in some manner an impact on us in our taste and love for some objects, smells or situations.

These collections pretend to release from the oblivion and review our most valuated things and bring them into the current context of the 21st century. The soul of the objects of memory is there waiting for us to discover it again.

Motormood collection


Impluvium Candle Holder


Floating Houses collection


Candela Candle Holder


Unique objects

We apply our philosophy of sustainability to all areas of our business; products are durable, of proven quality, made with certified materials and highly recyclable. Furthermore, they must be manufactured locally and with a vision of a better world for us all.

We’re all for reclaiming the long-lasting object — the heirloom — as opposed to ones with built-in obsolescence.

Our collections are characterised for bringing together high digital technology and great craftsmanship, which gives the product an unquestionable quality.

Four Houses


For interior lovers...

Don't forget that what makes an interior unique is the personal touch you bring to it!
It's important the impact of our enviroment for our personal well-being.
Decorate with objects that are valuable to you, remind you of good memories or simply make you feel something.

Arkhifactory collection


Mini Home


Mad Lab

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